Thursday, August 22, 2019

It's Show Time!

Meet Rachel, Rose, Katie and Emily of Simply Sisters Decor...
The four of us are all sisters. Katie and Emily, 22, are twins, and Rose and Rachel, 26, are also twins. (Yes two sets). We have been crafting for about 3 years but just recently began doing it seriously. This is our first Avant-Garde Art and Craft show and we are very excited to be able to participate in it. 
Various things inspire us to create, for example, Pinterest, family’s opinions and ideas, and just our own minds. We get a lot of ideas from really anything! Pinterest was a big inspiration for us to get into crafting. We kept finding lots of projects we really liked and eventually decided we could make those same things for cheaper than buying them at a store.
We discovered out talent by just starting to craft more and more and people kept telling us that our products looked really good and we should start selling our stuff. After hearing people’s opinions about our products, it made us realize we are pretty good at what we do.
Our creative process varies depending on which of us is creating; however, it generally is inspired by the materials we have available at any certain time.  We discuss various ideas for each piece of wood and try looking at each piece in different positions to get a feel for what we might want to letter onto it.  We also take into account upcoming events and holidays in order to meet the needs of our potential customers.
In five years we hope to be doing lots of craft shows to share our work with everyone else. The message behind our work is that anyone can do what they want to do if they just set their minds to it and work hard.
Meet Ashwini from Ashwini's Krafts and Creations...
I have been making jewelry for about sixteen years now for my family and friends! I started my business 3 years ago and since then I have been going to crafts shows around Cleveland.
Ashwini’s Krafts N Creations is a jewelry collection specialized in handmade statement necklace, earrings, bracelets, anklets and cosmetic pouches, shopping totes, bookmark charms.Creating jewelry and crafts with passion and personal touch  that suite the taste of working women and teenage girls.
I have participated in the Avant-Garde Art and Crafts shows before and it was a lot of fun! I am super excited to be back to show everyone what I have created in the past few months. 
In five years I hope that my business grows and my website expands. I would love to see more people wearing my items/jewelry! When I am creating items it really makes my day so I hope it makes everyone feel as happy as it does for me!

Meet Megan Ren from Blissful Brilliance...
I'm a mother of twin toddlers. I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry, and work as an R&D chemist during the day. I make soaps and other products in my spare time! I love learning and trying new things. I've been making soap for a little over a year. The pop-up in the park and the Solon fall festival will be my first two events. I hope to also do a show this winter as well.

My mom was an artist, so growing up I had a very positive artistic/creative influence. I grew up learning a lot of different ways to express my creativity, many hobbies that I still carry on to this day. I think having an outlet for creative energy is very important.
What got me into this hobby was when I saw a video of someone creating just a spectacular looking bar of soap and knew I needed to try it for myself. I ordered all of the supplies I needed, and while I waited for them to arrive, I fell down a rabbit hole of different videos and tutorials. Then I studied the technical aspect of it and became familiar with the process. I was, and continue to be, fascinated by the technique and artistry of soap-making.
To discover my talent I kind of  just jumped in head first! The first few batches I made looked nothing like I had intended and it was kind of disappointing...but I just kept practicing and practicing. While I was practicing the artistic portion of soap-making, I was at the same time trying to formulate a really good recipe. That was where my background in chemistry came in handy!
My creative process usually starts out with the scent and I try to imagine what colors that scent invokes in my mind's eye. I take into account the specific notes of each fragrance as well. Then I try to think about the overall design, whether it should be delicate or bold, and what other elements will complete the idea. I usually create a sketch and/or a list of what I want to incorporate that I have ready with me for when I start a batch. Sometimes I follow the design to a T and other times I fly by the seat of my pants either out of sudden inspiration or necessity!

In five years, I plan on working up to doing at least one craft fair/show a month. Right now I have a day job, and making soap is my hobby/ side business. I do hope for it to be my main source of income though one day. I would be extremely grateful if that day came within five years. I want to experiment with other products as well, maybe lotions or other cosmetics. I don't know that there is a deeper meaning in what I do, and that is okay. It's just something that I'm very passionate about and that I want to share with people. 

Solon Pop-Up In The Park
Saturday, August 24th, 2019
10:00 am-3:00 pm
6679 SOM Center Road
Solon, OH 44139
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein, Event Coordinator at
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Meet Megan Ren of Blissful Brilliance... I'm a mother of twin toddlers. I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry, and work as an R&a...